Financial Aid

Illinois Wesleyan University has long been committed to putting a superior education within the reach of every single qualified applicant.

We stand more firmly in that commitment than ever. We understand a diverse student body - a value called out in our mission statement - includes qualified students that quite possibly hail from a variety of economic backgrounds. Our goal is simple: to admit students we believe will best thrive academically, develop personally, and contribute to the IWU community.

President Biden recently announced a plan for the federal government to provide some student loan forgiveness based on income and also extended the pause on monthly student loan payments. To learn more about the cancellation program, please visit this page through the Federal Student Aid Office. If you would like to sign-up for updates from the Federal Government, please click here. For questions regarding Federal Student Loans and Pell Grant eligibility, please log into your or contact your Federal Loan Servicer.

The Right Investment


Your goal after completing school is to earn a salary. What if we told you that, chances are, you’ll earn more with an Illinois Wesleyan degree than with a degree from other competitor schools in Illinois? We’ve reviewed the research and it is true. Illinois Wesleyan graduates earn an average of $61,100 after graduation.* Zippia has ranked us #1 in Illinois for salaries of graduates (2018).

*10 years after graduation

chart of students paying down debt with IWU having the highest rate of 87%



Your ability to pay down debt after graduation speaks to your ability to find employment, and the salary you command after graduation. At Illinois Wesleyan, our Hart Career Center (HCC) staff is dedicated to helping students find purposeful and rewarding internships, create stellar resumes highlighting breakthrough experiences, and connecting them to a vast network of recruiters, employers and alumni.



More than 95% of IWU students receive aid

That's right. More than 95% of incoming students from all backgrounds qualify for scholarship or grant assistance.  In fact, on average, over half of tuition is covered by  scholarships and grants  for incoming Illinois Wesleyan students.

Financial Aid Application Process

How to apply for aid

It is now time to begin filling out the 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid, (FAFSA) based on 2021 income. IWU's Federal School Code is 001696. Preferential filing deadline is November 1, 2022.


CalculatorWe want to help you understand all of your options and make it simple to receive them. 

With generous aid packages from a range of sources, IWU families pay far less than you might expect. To give you an idea, we offer a net price calculator.


Scholarships & Grants

The largest source of gift aid is derived from friends of Illinois Wesleyan University who have provided funds for worthy students who need assistance.
You do not have to apply separately for these generously endowed scholarships.

When you first submit your application for admission along with your transcripts, you will be considered for all merit scholarships.


Interest for student loans is typically lower than consumer rates. The success rate of Illinois Wesleyan graduates paying their loans is over 99%, well above the national average.

IWU is now using Heartland ESCI to service the Federal Nursing Loan and IWU Loan. You can access more information using this link.

Student Employment

A job on campus helps students pay for their education while gaining valuable work experience. Studies show that students who work while attending college do as well or better in school than their classmates who don’t work.

Current Job Openings